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4 bytes column name sizes

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  • 4 bytes column name sizes

    I appreciate that for consistency, the names of columns in the wire protocol have their length encoded with 4 bytes.

    However, that results into three guaranteed zero bytes for (almost) every column in every VoltTable ever to run across the wires. I could think of places where I'd rather spent those bytes on and, I'll be happy to outline them in a different post.

    Also, the consistency achieved can only be limited as column names can only be ASCII whereas all stored strings are UTF-8. Meaning, there likely has to be some destinction when parsing, or constructing the column names, anyway. At least when verifying the contents.

    If I can be dramatic for an instant, I find those bytes almost a violation of the VoltDB spirit of raw speed that is pretty visible in the rest of the protocol. Seemingly so much so, I felt compelled to mail Ariel to make sure it was'nt a doc error :-o. So at least for me the impression was not of consistency but the opposite.

    If there are forces in-house at VoltDB to remove two to three bytes of that size fields I would like to second them.


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    That's something to think

    That's something to think about. Thanks for the suggestion.


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      Totally agree.

      Haven't used voltdb yet (been lurking the forums) ... So here's my first post to back his comments.
      If not 1 byte, 2-bytes should already do it.


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        Any thought to a solr api to voltdb?

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          Yes, we've considered it - can you describe your use case to help me better understand what you are trying to accomplish?