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Is there any know project to build some ORM on top of VoltDB?

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  • Is there any know project to build some ORM on top of VoltDB?

    Is anyone working on some JPA or JDO or equivalent implementation that would generate the stored procedures automatically?

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    Not that we're aware of. If you'd like to start one, you'd have our support.


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      If I decide to go for VoltDB, I might just do that, as it sounds like a rather interesting (and hopefully) little project, and I don't actually like programming SQL directly.


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        I am also interested in this. We are not yet using VoltDB. Infact, we are still in the stage where we are evaluating our Operational Data store to be selected. Most of the app dev team wants a true object store for ease of supporting their micro services. They don't want to be burdened with translation relational data into objects. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with VoltDB and micro services.


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          Hi Ellen, we'd be happy to help you architect an appropriate solution. VoltDB can be used with ORMs but it needs to be in auto-commit mode. Part of VoltDB's core architecture, and directly related to high volume transactional throughout, is that it does not support client-side transactions. See

          We have many customers using VoltDB for microservices, here's one our case studies:



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            Hi Ellen,

            We have quite a few customers implementing VoltDB in a micro-services architecture. I would like to learn more about your application before I can determine if VoltDB is even a good fit for you are trying to do. Typically VoltDB is a separate independently scaling database layer while the microservice container itself is "glass to ESB interface" or a subset of that depending on your architecture. May I suggest we chat a little bit more about your specific application. You can join our public slack at and DM me. My id in our public slack is dremella. Alternatively, you can email me at dremella (at) voltdb (dot) com.