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Maven pom.xml for stored procedures project

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  • Maven pom.xml for stored procedures project

    I just got this to work so I thought this might help others:

    <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
            <!-- This can be refined. This uber jar bundles everything. -->
                    <!-- Voltdb mandates JDK 1.6 -->
                        <!-- Compile the voltdb catalog so that it is available for unit testing -->
                                    <java classname="org.voltdb.compiler.VoltCompiler" fork="yes" failonerror="true">
                                        <jvmarg value="-Dlog4j.configuration=file:src/test/resources/"/>
                                        <arg value="project.xml"/>
                                        <arg value="${}/${}-catalog.jar"/>
                                        <classpath refid="maven.compile.classpath"/>
                        <!-- Make sure voltdb native libraries are on the path -->
                            <!-- Provide a log4j configuration -->
                            <!-- Force voltdb to use maven conventions for generated artifacts location -->
                        <!-- Attach the voltdb catalog so that it gets uploaded to the maven repo -->

    The objective is to generate the voltdb catalog archive as part of a maven lifecycle.


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    Hi fady,
    I just tried to create the catalog.jar file from my eclipse using maven and the plugin you suggested, But I got a class not found error (Class Name : org/hsqldb_voltpatches/HSQLInterface).
    But the class file was there in my maven dependency lib.
    What may be the problem ?
    From where you got the dependency for 'voltdbfat' jar, I failed to download it ?(I tried with out this jar)
    My voltdb version is 2.8.2.
    Please help...