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VoltDB community edition cluster architecture

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  • VoltDB community edition cluster architecture


    I'm currently using a single instance of VOLT DB, but I would like to incorporate high availability to my deployment.

    What is the minimum number of servers needed to build a VOLTDB cluster using the community edition?

    Up to how many nodes can I incorporate into a cluster using VOLTDB community edition?

    Does a VOLT DB cluster has a dependency on other products for clustering purposes (like zookeeper)?

    Can you please point me to a VOLTDB clustering overview resource in the web?


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    Multi-node clusters may be comprised of two or more servers.

    Community editions clusters may be as big as you'd like them to be, but they are not fault tolerant, meaning that if one node in the cluster fails then the whole cluster fails.

    For fault tolerant, and recoverable cluster deployments you need our enterprise edition.

    VoltDB does not require external clustering services like ZooKeeper

    Check out our web site for relevant technical information