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What is really significant with VoltTable result structure

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  • What is really significant with VoltTable result structure

    A call to voltExecuteSQL() to run sql queries will return a VoltTable[]. As per documentations, each column being referred in the query will have the FieldName and the Value associated with it.

    For example, "Select Name, Class from Student" will return a table of the sort

    Name, A | Class, X
    Name, B | Class, X

    So what is the motive behind appending column names to each value in the result. That obviously makes up for a result set of larger size. I have a feeling that doing away with it will help reduce that error which says only 100MB allowed in results.
    Kindly explain.

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    The names of columns in result sets are only stored once per result table, not once per row, so the overhead for large result sets should be small.

    Still you can shrink it by a few bytes by using "Select Name as N, Class as C from Student;"


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      Thanks @jhugg.

      In that case, don't you think Figure 5.2 ( in the link is misleading, unless I got the intended meaning completely wrong.


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        I can see how that might be misleading. I'll pass that feedback on to our documentation team. Thanks.