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Post: ClassCastException using JMeter

ClassCastException using JMeter
Oct 26, 2015
Hi all,

I am struggling with this issue for a quite sometime.

I have a table with some integer data type. I am getting following error when inserting into this columns using JMeter.
Response message: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer


the sample of data file
1,1,MARY,SMITH,,1913 Hanoi Way,,Nagasaki,Sasebo,Japan,35200,28303384290,1,2006-02-14 22:04:36,2006-02-15 04:57:20
2,1,PATRICIA,JOHNSON,,1121 Loja Avenue,,California,San Bernardino,United States,17886,838635286649,1,2006-02-14 22:04:36,2006-02-15 04:57:20
3,1,LINDA,WILLIAMS,,692 Joliet Street,,Attika,Athenai,Greece,83579,448477190408,1,2006-02-14 22:04:36,2006-02-15 04:57:20
4,2,BARBARA,JONES,,1566 Inegl Manor,,Mandalay,Myingyan,Myanmar,53561,705814003527,1,2006-02-14 22:04:36,2006-02-15 04:57:20

the same data and schema is working fine with MySQL. But it doesn't work with VoltDB. Is it an known issue Or did I do something wrong?