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Post: Authentication for VoltDB Management Center

Authentication for VoltDB Management Center
Dec 25, 2015
I want to restrict access to VoltDB Management Center from other machine.

Is there any way to add authentication to access VoltDB Management Center?

Or closing port(8080) is only way to restrict it?
Dec 27, 2015
If you turn on authentication to your VoltDB server for client access in the deployment file, then this will require the same permissions for VMC.
Dec 28, 2015
Thank you for reply.

Let me ask you some additional question.
(1) If security enabled, should I create ROLE and define ALLOW to all procedures?
(2) Enabling security affects performance?
Dec 28, 2015
(1) You can create roles, or you can use a built-in admin. See:

If you create roles, you can assign individual procedures, or you can use the more granular permissions listed here:

(2) Verifying the password for each connection might add some microseconds or even milliseconds of time to create a new connection. I'm not sure how much exactly. There are also a few places where credentials need to be passed around, but this shouldn't have a noticeable affect. In general, the affects of authentication shouldn't be noticeable except in extreme cases where client connections are being created and destroyed at a very high rate.