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Post: default insert procedure issue.

default insert procedure issue.
Dec 26, 2015
Hi All,

I have a requirement to use the default insert procedure for loading a table.
I am trying to call this procedure from python client.

The table where I am loading the data has 3 columns.
2: varchar
1: timestamp default now

the steps followed in python script are this :
client = FastSerializer("localhost", 21212)
loader = VoltProcedure( client, "table_name.insert", [FastSerializer.VOLTTYPE_STRING, FastSerializer.VOLTTYPE_STRING])
response =['only','123fgh'])
print response.status

The status seems to be -2, which means the data was not inserted.

There are two issues here :
How can we know the error which is leading to status being -2, I tired response.error, but not available.
How to load this table, I suspect its because of the 3rd timestamp column which has default.
In that case I need to write a new proc to insert data using column names in sql statement, or call the adhoc insert statement in python script itself.