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Enterprise vs Community
Feb 5, 2016
Hello every one!

Please help me answer questions.
I search information by Enterprise version VoltDB vs Community version VoltDB, but no information is found except
Whether there is a comparison table Enterprise vs Community?
What is the difference Enterprise of Community?

Thank you in advance
Feb 5, 2016
I have passed your suggestion onto our marketing team. We mention differences in the editions page, as well as added a small section in our community VoltDB github README file, here.
Peter Zhao
Jun 20, 2016
Hi, I'm completely new to VoltDB myself, and currently I'm evaluating it for use in our company.
Currently we use Postgres and Redis.
I've been looking for a comprehensive comparison between Enterprise and Community editions myself.

So, here's my question: Community README you have mentioned states:

When to use the commercial version:

When disk persistence is required.

So, am I right in my assumption that Community Edition doesn't support any kind of persistence, not even snapshots?

Also, I'm running metrocard example application - what happens when its log table (activities) overruns available RAM?
Are there differences between Enterprise and Community in this regard?
Jun 20, 2016
Hi Akir,

1. You are correct that the Community Edition doesn't support any kind of persistence, such as snapshots.

2. VoltDB has a default Memory Limit setting of 80%. It is a configurable setting. If the memory usage exceed this limit, the database will paused, putting it into read-only mode to avoid using any further resources. However, if this setting is disabled, the memory usage will managed by the Operating System. You can get more details regarding this topic in the following doc:

You can get more information regarding the different edition at the following link. If you want to get more details with our product, we can arrange a call with one of our Sale Team to help answer any further questions specific to your need.