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Post: VoltDB V2.8.3.1 is Available!

VoltDB V2.8.3.1 is Available!
Oct 17, 2012
A new release, consisting of a minor update to 2.8.3, is now available. The documentation and installation kits are available from our download page.

MD5 checksums:

02d7b76afb1c9dcb81c329d3cca01269 LINUX-voltdb-

97a4567b457a06c196353014f5dddaf3 MAC-voltdb-

SHA1 checksums:

2651eb1998eab2cc5b1f004559566c883f13abac LINUX-voltdb-

42bb32b8dda57e51f6f4a3cc30716d62ad1d24e9 MAC-voltdb-