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Post: NoSQLNow! Conference - San Jose, CA

NoSQLNow! Conference - San Jose, CA
Aug 17, 2012
VoltDB is looking forward to being a Gold sponsor at this year's NoSQLNow! Conference in San Jose, CA. NoSQL Now! is a conference covering the dynamic field of NoSQL technologies (Not Only SQL). The goal of the educational conference is to describe the diversity of NoSQL technologies available to all organizations to address their business needs, and to offer objective evaluation processes to match the right NoSQL solutions with the right business challenge.

During the conference, Ryan Betts, Architect, will be presenting Streaming Hadoop for Enterprise Adoption on Tuesday, August 21. In addition, on Wednesday, August 22, Ryan will be hosting a VoltDB Lunch & Learn where he will provide an overview of VoltDB’s architecture and best practices. You will learn the information you need to install, build and deploy VoltDB databases.

For more information about NoSQLNow! click here.