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Post: VoltDB for RTB / ad targeting compared to Aerospike/Couchbase

VoltDB for RTB / ad targeting compared to Aerospike/Couchbase
Apr 4, 2016

We try to find solution for ad targeting by many criterias. Like we have 10k ad campaigns and each has many (>10) of multi value attributes with additional filter by "bid". For instance we have campaign which has target by several countries, several device types, ad format and categories. Each of attribute has "minimal bid" filter for sorting campaigns. Like we have targeting on "US" with bid $0.5 and other company has targeting to "US" with bid $0.7 So while ordering we choose second one to display.

The question is can VoltDB handle such data structure (I think it is more like Entity-attribute-value) and do ultra-fast queries on it with big concurrency? I know that NoSQL like Couchbase or Aerospike can fit this king of task, but what about VoldDB? For me RDBS is more straight solution.

Thank you!
May 4, 2016
I don't see why not; this sounds like a VoltDB app so far. If it helps, you could provide a more concrete query example and we could evaluate it with a bit more detail.