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Post: JAR file not found when I'm trying load classes

JAR file not found when I'm trying load classes
May 24, 2016
Hello, friends!

I'm a newbie in VoltDB and i need your help.

I wrote VoltDB stored procedure on JAVA. Assembled project in Maven, got JAR package. After i wont download my class into DataBase, but VoltDB can't find JAR package. What i'm doing wrong? Where i must located my JAR package or config classes folder in VoltDB?

22> load classes StoreProcedure.jar;
22> Jar file not found: Store Procedure.jar
May 24, 2016
The "load classes" command in sqlcmd expects the jar to be in the current working directory where you ran sqlcmd on the machine running sqlcmd. You do not have to move the jar to the servers running VoltDB; sqlcmd will do that for you. Note: Don't put the jar in the /lib or /lib/extensions folder in your VoltDB installation, as that might make it harder to do a live upgrade of procedures.