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Post: Can't pass unit test after community edition build

Can't pass unit test after community edition build
Jul 28, 2016
Build (ant) completed successfully.
ant check failed with the following:

Stream_test.o /home/mike/voltdb/tests/ee/storage/ExportTupleStream_test.cpp
[exec] [exec] /home/mike/voltdb/tests/ee/storage/DRBinaryLog_test.cpp: In static member function ‘static MockHashinator* MockHashinator::newInstance()’:
[exec] [exec] /home/mike/voltdb/tests/ee/storage/DRBinaryLog_test.cpp:91:35: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type ‘MockHashinator’
[exec] [exec] return new MockHashinator();
[exec] [exec] ^
[exec] [exec] /home/mike/voltdb/tests/ee/storage/DRBinaryLog_test.cpp:88:7: note: because the following virtual functions are pure within ‘MockHashinator’:
[exec] [exec] class MockHashinator : public TheHashinator {
[exec] [exec] ^
[exec] [exec] In file included from /home/mike/voltdb/src/ee/storage/table.h:63:0,
[exec] [exec] from /home/mike/voltdb/src/ee/storage/persistenttable.h:63,
[exec] [exec] from /home/mike/voltdb/tests/ee/storage/DRBinaryLog_test.cpp:37:
[exec] [exec] /home/mike/voltdb/src/ee/common/TheHashinator.h:82:25: note: virtual std::__cxx11::string voltdb::TheHashinator::debug() const
[exec] [exec] virtual std::string debug() const = 0;
[exec] [exec] ^
[exec] [exec] makefile:2527: recipe for target 'static_objects/DRBinaryLog_test.o' failed
[exec] [exec] make: *** [static_objects/DRBinaryLog_test.o] Error 1
[exec] [exec] make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
[exec] [exec] make: Leaving directory '/home/mike/voltdb/obj/release'
[exec] [exec] Building with C++ 0x
[exec] [exec]
[exec] [exec] Compiler: gcc 5.4.0
[exec] [exec] OpenSSL: version 1.0.2d, config linux-x86_64:gcc -fpic
[exec] [exec]
[exec] [exec] Making the makefile
[exec] [exec] Making in directory "obj/release/" with 1 threads
[exec] /home/mike/voltdb/build.xml:1547: exec returned: 255
[exec] Total time: 2 minutes 42 seconds
Jul 28, 2016
Ouch. We had a momentary blip this morning with a checkin that broke the ee tests on master. That is rare, but it occasionally happens. It is fixed now, so just pull from github again and rerun to see if you get further.

Truthfully, you may not want to actually run 'ant check' - at this point it could run for hours. In our ci, we break up the tests into multiple parts on a lot of machines.

Jul 28, 2016
Re-downloaded and built OK. 1st benchmark completed successfully.
Thanks again for your help. Now I just have to memorize the 5 manuals :).