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Post: Failure to authenticate connection

Failure to authenticate connection
Sep 12, 2016

I am new to VoltDB and am trying to send a wire protocol message. I am seeing the following error.

WARN: Failure to authenticate connection(/ user scooby failed authentication.

I have started voltdb with the following deployment file

<user name="scooby" password="doo" roles="administrator" />
<jsonapi enabled="true"/>

And the wire protocol login message is same as what was mentioned in the wire protocol document in pages 15-16.
I do not want to enable security but as per the document I still have to send the login message before I can send other types of messages. I am probably missing something. I appreciate any help in this regard.

Nov 28, 2016
Hi Kevin,

If you are not enabling security, then you do not need <users>...</users>. That may only be used in conjunciton with <security enabled="true"/>. When false, generally any username/password combination is accepted. Test that you can login with sqlcmd, to ensure that your deployment configuration is correct.

Are you using SHA-256 hashed passwords?

Also, out of curiosity, what language are you using to implement the wire protocol?