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Post: Meaning of index attributes, "unused"

Meaning of index attributes, "unused"
Nov 14, 2016
I am working with TPCC database where I have partitioned all the tables except WAREHOUSE on the column named as "warehouse id". When I refer to scheme in VoltDB Management Console, I found that CUSTOMER table has auto generated index but its attribute is "unused". What is the meaning of unused and how it can be used to increase performance? I have also attached the snap of console.110
How to make use of the indexes?
Nov 15, 2016
"Unused" in the schema report simply means that no Stored Procedure is using that index in its plan. It still might be worth keeping - it could still be used by an adhoc query or by a procedure you have not yet defined. We have had some customers who have accidentally defined overlapping or extra indices and this is a way for them to quickly spot them and research whether it is worth the additional overhead and space required to maintain them.