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Help with everythig
Oct 19, 2012
I have some question and I would be pleased if someone answer to it:)
My goal was to install VoltDb on a virtual machine, create the database and connect it with an application in Visual Studio 2010.
So i downloaded VMware player and installed Ubuntu on it.
Downloaded Deployment Kit 64 bit Linux from VoltDB downloads and unpacked it.

My question is, how can i create database, tables... in VoltDB studio? What parameters do I have to fill on VoltDb studio for User and Password?
Nikola-Ubuntu is my user name when I enter in Ubuntu.

Online docs
Oct 20, 2012
VoltDB has a complete getting started guide online. You should be able to find answers to your general questions here:
Ok,I didn't find what i
Oct 22, 2012
Thank, there is written everything :)
License.xml Error in Community Edition
Jul 29, 2013
Hi ,

I am new to Voltdb.

I have installed the Community edition. When i create the catalog then it is saying the Error while reading the license.xml file.

Please guide me how to proceed.