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Post: Details about Enterprise edition

Details about Enterprise edition
Feb 8, 2017

We are in the evaluation stage. At present we are evaluating different stack. The only thing fixed is that we are going with go. I want to know what kind of support does voltdb provides if we go with enterprise edition.

1. Administration of db
2. During development
3. The medium of support. Call support available? Support via vnc, etc?

Khurram Baig
Feb 8, 2017
Hi Khurram Baig,

When you become a commercial customer, we offer support, via during development and deployment. We also have a "customer success" program where a senior member of our team can provide guidance during development and production (we offer pre-production reviews, etc). We will VNC/share desktop if needed.

Our support offerings are outlined here:

Premium Support customers have access to a hotline phone number for SEV 1 issues. All commercial customers have access to support via And of course, community support is provided by these forums as well as our slack channel at

John Piekos