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JSON authentication
Dec 2, 2010
I tried accessing a stored procedure via JSON and I got the following error message
{"status":-3,"appstatus":-128,"statusstring":"Username was null but password was not.","appstatusstring":null,"exception":null,"results":[]}
I used the following url
http://localhost:8888/api/1.0/?Username=myusername&Password=mypassword&Procedure=@AdHoc&Parameters=["select * from my_table"]
Looking at the following documentation it says to use "Username" as the parameter name JSON HTTP Interface
Looking at org.voltdb.HTTPClientInterface I see the following line
String username = request.getParameter("User");
I think either HTTPClientInterface needs to change to Username or the documentation needs to change.
re: JSON authentication
Dec 3, 2010
Thanks for pointing that out. I've entered a Jira ticket to update the documentation at