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Post: Voltdb community Edition does not persist data

Voltdb community Edition does not persist data
Mar 16, 2017

I am new to voltdb and wanting to evaluate it for performance for a sample application.

I am using the voltdb community edition (built from source on Open SuSe Leap). I've noticed that whenever I restart voltdb, any and all data and tables disappear. I need persistence for two reasons, 1) I must shut the system down from time to time and don't want to have to reload all my data each time and 2) persistence to disk is part of the processing in a real implementation and I need to include that "overhead" in my tests to gauge the performance.

I've tried enabling snapshots, but when I start the server I am presented with the message:
Loaded node-specific settings from /var/voltdb/voltdbroot/config/
ERROR: Snapshots are not supported in the community edition of VoltDB.
FATAL: This process will exit. Please run VoltDB with a deployment file compatible with the community edition.

I've spent quite some time searching online and reading the docs, but I'm guessing that I can not run a version of voltdb that persists data unless I pay for an enterprise license. But I wanted to check just in case I have missed something.

Following is the file:
#VoltDB path settings. DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE!
#Thu Mar 16 06:31:10 GMT+00:00 2017

Following is the configuration file.xml:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster sitesperhost="12" />
<security enabled="true" />
<user name="gm310509" password="pass" roles="administrator,user" />
<user name="voltdb" password="pass" roles="administrator,user" />
<snapshot frequency="10s" retain="3" />
<snapshots path="/var/voltdb/snapshots" />

Thanks in advance.

Mar 16, 2017

You are correct, there is no data persistence in the community edition. For a comparison of features, see To test out your performance with and without durability features. you can download the Enterprise Edition. It comes with a trial license.

When you do this, you might want to try using Command Logging (it is on by default) instead of snapshots every 10 seconds to see what effect that has on your workload.