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VoltDB on Amazon AWS
May 4, 2012
I searched for a DB solution that can scale for terabytes of data without the complexity of OldSQL. I looked into DynamoDB, but I want to develop with SQL queries and with Raltional DB without the need how to adapt to NoSQL technology.
Right now I want to try VoldDB on Amazon AWS and need help in doing so. Whay I need to know:

1) how to install VoltDB on Amazon AWS
2) How can I easily add more nodes
3) What the maximum DB capacity of VoltDB
4) Can I use small instanced 64bit with VoldDB
5) How can I backup the database when it's already very large and restore it?

That's for the start. Really need you help about this things. Thanks in advance.
Check out our "Running VoltDB
May 17, 2012
Check out our "Running VoltDB in AWS" page here,, for some answers to your questions.

The amount of data you can store is bounded by the amount of memory in your cluster. We have some guidelines to sizing your data needs here: PlanningGuide/HwCapacity

In VoltDB, "backups" are essentially called Snapshots. VoltDB can restore your database from a snapshot. Using the Enterprise edition, also from the Command Log (a transaction log kept in between snapshots).

Sorry for not responding sooner.