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Post: Connect with voltdb studio!

Connect with voltdb studio!
Apr 24, 2012
Hello. I installed vmware to run voltdb… But when I open voltdb studio and try to connect with my login and password, gives error and says “Unable to connect”. I don’t understand why because I have internet on the virtual machine and my login and password are correct! Please, help me!

The printscreen:
How did you start the server?
Apr 24, 2012
Are you using one of the pre-packaged examples, or you own application? One thing to consider is that in order to use the Studio tool, the http interface and the json api must be enabled. The example deployment files from the voter or voltkv applications do this correctly.

If that doesn't fix the problem, could you send us the log output of the server starting up, as well as your deployment file? The beginning of the log is especially important, as it contains all of the server configuration settings.