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Post: JSON Client Query Synchronization

JSON Client Query Synchronization
Jul 8, 2010
Are backend transactions fed through the http/json client synchronous or asynch? I wrote a test where I call a stored proc to insert a record, then call another stored proc to verify the record is indeed in the db. I see the recored was persisted, however the immediate call to verify the record exist (select count query) is not consistent in returning the results. I added a sleep statement between calls and that seems to help at times, but was wondering if there was an issue with synchronicity?
Should be synchronous
Jul 8, 2010
The current backend for the JSON/HTTP interface runs a complete synchronous transaction before returning a response to the client. If you wait for the response from an insert to arrive before sending the second transaction, the second transaction should see the update. We don't expect this behavior to change as we make the interface more performant for VoltDB 1.2.
Are both transactions single partition? If so, do they map to the same partition (same partition key parameter value)?
If you can tell me a little more, hopefully I can help out and/or figure out if this is a bug.
Turns out I was validating
Jul 14, 2010
Turns out I was validating different data on different partitions. I have it working well now