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Post: Can VoltDB client be on jdk 1.5 ?

Can VoltDB client be on jdk 1.5 ?
Jul 13, 2010
We are ok with the server side of VoltDB having jdk 1.6.
But Can VoltDB clients be on jdk 1.5 ? I am asking this because our current jvm version is jdk 1.5 So in case we decide not to move to jdk 1.6 will it affect voltdb client ?
VoltDB client on jdk 1.5
Jul 14, 2010
We currently only qualify VoltDB clients on jdk 1.6. We will look into the effort involved in ongoing testing of both.
Are there other people for whom support of jdk 1.5 for clients would be useful? I'd love to get a feel for the demand.