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Post: Are transactions serialized per site ?

Are transactions serialized per site ?
Sep 29, 2011
Are transaction serialized per site ?
So for single partitioned concurrent transactions (fired by different clients at the same time), if all my transaction go after the same partition and even though they are logically independent of each other, are they put in a serial Q where only one transaction is executed at a time and the transaction later in the Q has to wait for its turn ?

So for some reason if the latency between the nodes increase, we could see a cascading effect where the transactions gradually grind to a halt waiting for the Q to clear up, right ?

(I am assuming k > 0 with synchronous commandlog on for all nodes)

Thanks for any inputs.
Inter-node latency
Sep 29, 2011
Your queuing description is accurate. High inter-node latency adversely affects throughput. This is one of the reasons we suggest networking volt-nodes via common switch, when you can control the physical network.