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Post: Error in 3-node cluster

Error in 3-node cluster
Jan 3, 2012

I am trying to start the voltkv application in 2.1.3 (community edition) in a 3-node cluster with hostcount=3 and kfactor=2. I keep getting the error:
ERROR 21:57:47,321 [Thread-4] HOST: Failed to establish socket mesh. No route to host

A 2-node cluster works fine. So I know all the required ports are open.
The LEADER parameter was changed appropriately in the on all the 3 nodes.

Any idea of what could be going on ?

Re: Error
Jan 6, 2012
Any thoughts ?
Really stumped. Tried the other voter example too and same issue.
Socket joiner troubleshooting
Jan 6, 2012
Can you email me the logs from the servers and the output of /sbin/ifconfig? (