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Post: Migrating from MySQL to VoltDB

Migrating from MySQL to VoltDB
Mar 23, 2012
Is there a simple solution in migrating from mySQL to VoltDB? Do I just dump .sql files and import in?
MySQL to VoltDB
Mar 23, 2012
Migrating from MySQL to VoltDB requires a little bit of re-thinking of your application, particularly with dealing with large data and at Scale processing.

Some things to consider:
- How do I partition my data? You want even distribution of data across your cluster.
- VoltDB's primary interaction model is Java Stored Procedures, so for optimal performance, you will need to convert most of your MySQL SQL into Java Stored Procedures.
- For optimal performance and throughput, make sure your queries operate on data within a single partition, in other words, strive for making a majority of your procedures single-partition stored procedures.
- VoltDB supports an OLTP-focused subset of SQL-99, so your SQL may require some re-work.

We've got a couple of resources to help you get going quickly with this:

The VoltDB Getting Started Guide, here:
The VoltDB for SQL Developers webinar, here:

If you need help with specific portions of your application, feel free to post them in this forum.


Feb 9, 2017
Hey John,
Does VoltDB support SQL-99 now, or still just a subset of SQL-99
Feb 10, 2017
We now support quite a bit of SQL now (5 years since I last responded!), see:
Any specific SQL constructs you are interested in?