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Post: Some feature ideas...

Some feature ideas...
Jul 5, 2011
Not sure if this is the right place...
Voltdb seems like a perfect candidate for streaming queries, similar to or streambase / streamsql..
Like, if I could define a materialized view as a STREAM, than the client could open a connection and stream new rows or changed rows out.
As I mentioned in another post... materialized views that don't pay attention to DELETE, or that work on export only tables.
So I could have an Events table, and a bunch of materialized views, and clear out the events table (since I am only using voltdb for aggregates, and materialized views are a more convenient way of aggregating, than running a bunch of increment queries.
This may not really be feasible or smart, but Voltdb clients that queue requests while voltdb is down for re-configuration, than bulk run the queue... I am looking at building something like that with zeromq, to avoid downtime for our application (writes at least)...
I don't really understand why the snapshotting is manual, a setup like Redis or Mongodb (keeps snapshots every X seconds, auto loads the last snapshot on startup) seems like a pretty strong default behavior.
Alot of these things we are building (and will open source) in Node.js...
re: Some feature ideas...
Jul 5, 2011
Thanks for the ideas and keep us updated on your Node.js development with respect to VoltDB.
As the maintainer of feature requests I will add these to my list.