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Post: Elimination of data on each reset

Elimination of data on each reset
Apr 19, 2012
please help,

As I control the disposal of the schema or tables every time you restart the base voltd in the previous example HelloWorld every time I run the this eliminates the sample data and make table again.

Thank you for your help.
Hi, In the community edition
Apr 23, 2012
In the community edition of Volt you have to take a snapshot before shutting down the database if you want to save the state. When you start the database you can specify a start action (see Run Restart) which will determine what the database does on startup.

If you are using the enterprise edition with command logging you would use the recover start action and the database will recover to the point where you left off.

If you are using the community edition you need take a snapshot before terminating the database. Then you can restart with the create action can call @SnapshotRestore to restore the snapshot you took before terminating the database.

The recover start action will try and recover from just a snapshot, but the snapshot must be stored in the auto snapshot directory. See Chap App Run