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Post: Initiator time moved backwards from: 1286916120418 to 1286916119447

Initiator time moved backwards from: 1286916120418 to 1286916119447
Oct 12, 2010
My server crashes all of a sudden. Dont know what the issue is. also i have compiled the code on windows 32 bit and deploy it on linux 64 bit. Dont know if that is causing this problem

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Initialization Log Output:
[main] INFO HOST - Build: 1.1.02
[main] INFO HOST - HTTP admin console listening on port 8080
[main] INFO HOST - Loading application catalog jarfile from /dnbusr1/dnbi/voltdblibs/dnbgp-subject-Model-Catalog-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
[main] INFO HOST - URL of deployment info: deployment.xml
[main] INFO HOST - Catalog leader: localhost hosts, sites 1, 1
[main] INFO HOST - Creating host manager for 1 hosts using leader localhost/
[Thread-4] INFO HOST - Connecting to VoltDB cluster as the leader...
[Thread-4] INFO HOST - Maximum clock/network skew is 0 milliseconds (according to leader)
[main] INFO HOST - Attempting to load native VoltDB library voltdb-1.1.02. Expect to see a confirmation following this upon success. If none appears then you may need to compile VoltDB for your platform or you may be running a 32-bit JVM.
[main] INFO HOST - Successfully loaded native VoltDB library voltdb-1.1.02.
Creating Execution Engine on clusterIndex=1, site_id = 1...
[main] INFO HOST - Starting the network
[main] INFO HOST - --------------------------------
Server completed initialization.

Initiator time moved backwards from: 1286916120418 to 1286916119447
java.lang.Thread.dumpThreads(Native Method)
VoltDB has encountered an unrecoverable error and is exiting.
The log may contain additional information.
re: Initiator Time Moved Backward
Oct 13, 2010

In your example, the system clock of the VoltDB server moved backward 1 second. In VoltDB v1.1 we would allow for the system clock to move backward up to 5 milliseconds, anything over 5 milliseconds halts the server. In VoltDB v1.2 we have changed this setting to allow for backward clock movement up to 3 seconds on a multi-node cluster (if you are running with a single node VoltDB allows time to move backward up to 1 week).

Remember, VoltDB requires that servers synchronize time with a local NTP server, more information is available in this forum posting.