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Post: GettingStarted doc corrections/suggestions.

GettingStarted doc corrections/suggestions.
Feb 25, 2012
GettingStarted p.8 Section 3.3 uses italics for the variable names in "In this case, the variables hello, world, and language replace the question marks in the template." Is this intended to be a typographic convention within the books(s)? Should there be such a convention, explained briefly in the preface? Should the same convention be applied to system-defined or user-defined method and class names? These use normal font/type elsewhere in the book.

GettingStarted p.8 Section 3.4 Reads "Note that the code is identical, except for the class name, because we are accessing the same table and partition.", but the code is NOT quite identical. There is an unexplained difference in the last character of the partionInfo string, 0 vs. 2. For starters, it's confusing. Also it could lead an unobservant reader to cut and paste the "identical" lines from the first file to the second, a possible problem assuming that the character is significant.

GettingStarted p.9 Section 3.5 reads "This is done by creating a volt.client.Client" which should match the source code which reads "org.voltdb.client.Client". Also, I believe that the prior "import org.voltdb.*;" allows this to be unambiguously referenced in the code as "client.Client" which MAY be more readable.

GettingStarted p.11 Section 3.7 reads "make sure your Java classpath includes your working directory as well as the VoltDB Jar file ..." (note "file" in the singular). The example that follows includes multiple jar files in multiple directories: "/opr/voltdb/lib/*" and "/opr/voltdb/voltd/*".

GettingStarted p.12 Section 3.7 reads "To specify a classpath that includes both your helloworld directory, define the environment variable CLASSPATH ...", should be "...both your helloworld directory and the VoltDB Jar files, define ..."

GettingStarted p.12 Section 3.8 reads "... to enable and configuration several other features ..." should be "... to enable and configure several other features ..."

GettingStarted p.13 Section 3.9 reads "If you created a new process, you may need to redefine CLASSPATH.", would be clearer as "In each new terminal session, you may need to redefine CLASSPATH."

GettingStarted p.13 Section 3.9 "the lead node's row" should be "the lead node's role"

GettingStarted p.16 Section 4.2 "This helps maximum the throughput" should be "This helps maximize the throughput"

GettingStarted p.16 Section 4.2 Does it go without saying that these names, ServerA, ServerB, and ServerC are local DNS host names? Is it legal (and worth mentioning) that IP addresses can be used instead? Or is a valid DNS entry for each server a prerequisite?

GettingStarted p.16 Section 4.3 reads "to produce an application that integrates benchmarking and automated throttling to maximize throughput and latency" which is confusing. What maximizes throughput? "benchmarking and throttling"? Just "throttling"? Is there really an intent for anything to be maximizing latency? Should "maximize" be "measure" or maybe "optimize"?
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