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Post: Viewing execution plans

Viewing execution plans
Sep 27, 2010
I understand that execution plans for VoltDB SQL statements are generated at compile time, and I see that they appear to be represented in debugoutput directory.

Is there a way to view the plans in a somewhat friendly way (like a regular DB explain plan)? Is there any way to hint the optimizer to choose, say a particular index over another?
re: Viewing execution plans
Sep 28, 2010

A customer recently requested information regarding our execution plans so our Technical Writer is currently putting it together. He will post information here when it is available.
We do not yet have a tool that makes the plans friendlier, there will be a utility to do this in the future.
There is currently no support for providing SQL "hints" to the optimizer. This is probably something we will add in the future, especially if we see use cases where our planner makes a non-optimal decision.