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Post: Possible exportonly bug

Possible exportonly bug
David Best
Sep 24, 2010
I am using the Volt supplied export-to-file receiver, and find that if I insert into an export-only table from a multi-partitioned procedure, the row shows up in the export file multiple times, once per host site. If the table is set to export, but not export-only, then the row only shows up once.

Should this happen, or is it up to the receiver to de-duplicate the rows?
David, The cluster produces
Sep 27, 2010

The cluster produces an export stream for each table for each partition. The client does some work to de-duplicate these rows (it polls one source and simply releases the duplicate sources).

I don't believe that the client is exposed to whether a table is export-enabled or export-only. If you can post the project files that you are using, I'd love to investigate what you are describing. Otherwise, I can mock up something from your description and run a few tests to better understand your observation.

We are very interested in hearing about production export use cases, if you'd like to share either publicly or privately. We're excited about the potential of the export functionality and desire user feedback to better inform our efforts.

Thank you,