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Post: JSON HTTP Interface - With authentication ?

JSON HTTP Interface - With authentication ?
Sep 10, 2010
I have set security groups (and users ) in my deployment.

How do I do JSON HTTP request with authentication ?


does not seem to work.
Authentication is a 1.2 feature
Sep 10, 2010
Hi gambitg,

Authentication is not supported in VoltDB 1.1, as it says in the documentation. We will be supporting authentication for JSON/HTTP in VoltDB 1.2. The feature is currently enabled on the trunk in our source code repository. Usernames and passwords are passed in using "User" and "Password" HTTP variables.

Currently passwords must be sent using a 40 byte hex-encoding of the SHA-1 hash of the password. We are evaluating whether we will support plaintext passwords for the 1.2 release.

-John Hugg
VoltDB Engineering