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Vertical Partitioning
May 16, 2010
Is vertical partitioning remotely considered for use for VoltDB, to make some classes of transaction single sited?

Yes and no.
May 16, 2010
We currently support manual vertical partitioning. That is, you can split your table into two tables with different columns, one replicated and one partitioned. We use this trick in our pseudo-tpcc benchmark. In that case "customer_name" is replicated and doesn't change during a benchmark, but "customer" is partitioned, and does change frequently.

Support for doing this automatically is not coming soon, but is a neat idea for down the road.
May 18, 2010
Thanks, so this boils down to, it can be advisable to do vertical partitioning manually. Concretely by splitting a table definition into a partitioned and a replicated part.