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Automated Partitioning
May 16, 2010
What are the goals VoltDB is setting its sights on to automate partitioning in the future? Are there results as to what can and what cannot be done to automate the process?

Good question.
May 16, 2010
Automatic partitioning is a long term goal for VoltDB. It's hard to do well though.

The enterprise-focused side of the H-Store research team has chosen to focus on improving the usability of manual partitioning for the short term. As a research project, H-Store is very interested in automatic partitioning and workload optimization and there is a lot of promise from the initial work in this direction, specifically from Ph.D. students/candidates Andy Pavlo at Brown and Evan Jones at MIT. The VoltDB team is excited to leverage this work in future versions of VoltDB.

This is one of the exciting ways an open-source VoltDB allows us to collaborate with outside researchers.