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Intra-Machine Communication
May 16, 2010
Will there be, or are there already optimizations in place that use the fact that multiple logical sites may be hosted on the same machine?

(Is there a glossary somewhere I can bookmark to that clarifies the definitions of site, node, host, server & cluster in VoltDB ...?)

Optimization of multiple
May 16, 2010
Optimization of multiple sites on same machine?

VoltDB currently uses a cheaper messaging path to local sites. Otherwise, our expectation is that the remote sites out-number the local sites sufficiently to make local optimizations like this too much complexity for too little gain.

If/when VoltDB supports range partitioning, vs. its current hash partitioning, there could perhaps be more opportunity for cleverness here.

Definitions of site, node,
May 16, 2010
Definitions of site, node, host, server & cluster

Good suggestion. In the interim, perhaps this forum post can be bookmarked.

A cluster is a collection of nodes that together are a VoltDB installation.
A node is one host (one computer) in a cluster. A cluster contains several nodes.
Host is a synonym for "node"
Server is a synonym for "node"
A site is the physical replication of a logical partition. A node contains several sites. In a k-safe cluster, there are k+1 sites for each logical partition