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Aug 5, 2010
I got a warning here

I was starting up a 3 hosts cluster with 1m automated snapshots enabled. It happened on the leader which I started last. Everything worked fine. I had the same configuration up and running some minutes earlier. What I changed, on every site, was adding k-safety to deployment.xml, from naught to 1.

Some more context, from the leader. The peers did not show any warnings.

Initialization Log Output:
65 [main] INFO HOST - Build: 1.1.01
102 [main] INFO HOST - HTTP admin console listening on port 8080
103 [main] INFO HOST - Loading application catalog jarfile from /root/helloworld/helloworld.jar
395 [main] INFO HOST - URL of deployment info: deployment.xml
778 [main] INFO HOST - Catalog leader: hosts, sites 3, 1
814 [main] INFO HOST - Creating host manager for 3 hosts using leader /
830 [Thread-4] INFO HOST - Connecting to VoltDB cluster as the leader...
1031 [Thread-4] INFO HOST - Maximum clock/network skew is 0 milliseconds (according to leader)
1096  [main] INFO HOST - Attempting to load native VoltDB library  voltdb-1.1.01. Expect to see a confirmation following this upon success.  If none appears then you may need to compile VoltDB for your platform  or you may be running a 32-bit JVM.
1103 [main] INFO HOST - Successfully loaded native VoltDB library voltdb-1.1.01.
Creating Execution Engine on clusterIndex=1, site_id = 1...
1621 [main] INFO HOST - Starting the network
1959 [main] INFO HOST - --------------------------------
Server completed initialization.
2104 [ExecutionSite:0001] WARN HOST -
2743 [ExecutionSite:0001] INFO HOST - Finished scanning snapshots. Took 731 milliseconds
61629  [ExecutionSite:0001] INFO HOST - Saving database to path:  /srv/voltdb/autobackup/, ID: helloworld_2010. at  1280991559247
61697 [Snapshot terminator] INFO HOST - Snapshot helloworld_2010. finished at 1280991559314 and took 0.067 seconds

Hi Henning, Did it continue
Aug 5, 2010
Hi Henning,

Did it continue to run without issue? It is possible that there was a snapshot already on disk that was incomplete because the server was shutdown in the middle of a snapshot. When the server comes up it does a scan of snapshots looking for ones with the same name as the auto-generated snapshots so that it can delete any that aren't supposed to be retained according to the configuration. The warning could certainly give more information. I created a ENG-685 to look into make the EOF warnings generated by the class that opens snapshots more useful.