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Post: Can I add a new server without stopping service

Can I add a new server without stopping service
Oct 20, 2011

I read your document and tnen I understood I could rejoin a node which has been taken offline.

If I want to increase the number of servers, e.g., I want to increase overall computing powers, can I join a new server which has empty database?

Adding a server to a running cluster
Oct 20, 2011
At the moment, VoltDB only supports replacing failed nodes. VoltDB does not yet support increasing the size of a running cluster beyond the originally configured host count.

Hi Takeshi, The current
Oct 20, 2011
Hi Takeshi,

The current method for expanding the cluster is to enter admin mode to stop clients, take a blocking snapshot, restart the database with more nodes, and then restore the snapshot. Snapshot restore will redistribute your data across the new cluster topology.