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Post: List stored procedures

List stored procedures
Jul 6, 2011

I wonder if there is a way to get all the stored procedures in an application.
With @statistics it only possible to fetch stored procedures when they where executed. Is it possible to fetch them before they get executed?
It would be nice if all stored procedures where visible in the studio.web tool without need to declare them first.

re: List stored procedures
Jul 18, 2011

Thanks for the input. You are correct in that @Statistics/PROCEDURE only returns the names of procedures that have been executed. Also, it only returns the name of the stored procedure, not the data types of the parameters.

We will be adding "system catalogs" in a future release of VoltDB that will provide tables/columns/indexes as well as stored procedures and their parameters (plus more). When the system catalogs are available we will change Studio.Windows, Studio.Web, and the command line tool to automatically retrieve this data and eliminate the need to declare them manually.