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Post: Help with C# and wrapers

Help with C# and wrapers
Dec 14, 2012
I read articles from the forum about .Net and C# but i have some question about wrapers.
For example, i have table towns with 3 columns (town, country, state).
I have (for now) 2 procedures:
1. insertProcesure
2. selectProcedure(select * from towns)
I would like in Visual Studio 2010 to print all rows from the table.

Can someone explain me what is what in wrapers:
var insert = conn.Procedures.Wrap<Table[],string,string,string>("proceduraInsert");
I understand that this strings are the parameter that i have to give to the procedure
insert.Execute("town", "country","state");
But how can i print all rows from table if I have procedure that don't takes arguments.
var select = conn.Procedures.Wrap<Table[]>("procSelect");
And last question is why Visual Studio and it intellisense don't offer me .Result.HasData
Do i have some old libraries?