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Site per host
Jan 12, 2013
can someone explaine to me what is site per host.
I have:
1.One table
2.Two hosts (PC and laptop)

Deployment file is:
hostcount="2" siteperhost="1" kfactor="1"

I understand that if kfactor = 0 my data from table are half on PC and half on Laptop. If kfactor = 1 i have all data on PC and all data on laptop.
My question is what siteperhost = 1 means?

Another question: if I partition my table first column what i get from this? Does it mean that half data is on my PC and half on laptop?

Jan 13, 2013
Section 6.1 of "Using VoltDB" covers this:

Basically, VoltDB partitions data to the CPU core, rather than to each machine. The sites-per-host number is the number of partitions on each machine, a number that should be close to the number of cores. For benchmarking purposes, it's a good number to play around with, as its optimal value varies depending on hardware and workload.
Jan 15, 2013
Thanks jhugg.
Jun 15, 2015
The link is broken ... Ask for a new link to explain ,thank you
Jun 15, 2015