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Post: What's the difference between multipartition and singlepartition?

What's the difference between multipartition and singlepartition?
May 3, 2017
In order to achieve high throughput, the tables and procedures usually need to be partitioned.But I find two concepts, multipartition and singlepartition, neither can I distinguish them nor find the document expound the difference clearly.When will the procedures or tables be multipartition or singlepartition?Do they have any association with the replicate or k-safety?

If I start voltdb and it has 8 partitions and 1 host, and I create a table company:

create table company (id bigint not null, name varchar);
partition table company on column id;

So does the table company belong to multipartition or single?
May 3, 2017
The table company will have its data partitioned across all the sites in the cluster.

How it works:
Partitioning a table:

You can then execute transactions on one partition, a single-partition transaction (for example, update the shopping cart of one customer) or across all partitions (a multi-partition transaction), for example, counting all the non-empty shopping carts.