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Post: Integrating VoltDB with automated build process.

Integrating VoltDB with automated build process.
Feb 1, 2013
continuing from here:

@snark's answer helped. But this is a pain in neck. I use Maven and this is what I do:

1. I keep my SQL files in main/resources/voltdb
2. My queries go in bcc.voltdb.*
3. I generate jar with dependencies which has all the Jars, including those of voltdb: client jar and voltdb.jar.

I get the "Incompatible magic number".

I then have to do these painful steps:

voltdb compile --classpath="./:/home/goldie/apps/voltdb/lib/*:/home/goldie/apps/voltdb/voltdb/*:/home/goldie/workspace/bcc/voltDBLoadTest/loadTests/target/classes/" -o twitter.jar src/main/resources/voltdb/twitter.sql

#set classpath
export CLASSPATH="./:/home/goldie/apps/voltdb/lib/*:/home/goldie/apps/voltdb/voltdb/*:/home/goldie/workspace/bcc/voltDBLoadTest/loadTests/target/classes/"

#create catalogue
voltdb create catalog twitter.jar host localhost

- - - - -

I am still evaluating this. One of important criterian of using VoltDB ease of integration in automated build. So, can some one suggest how they are using VoltDb in production? How have they integrated all these processes with their build process? What are directory pattern and possibly some build related case study would be good.