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Post: Connecting to voltkv

Connecting to voltkv
Feb 18, 2013

What's the username/password to connect to the voltkv example in 3.0?

What I am really after is a quick way to setup a VoltDB system to use while testing my application that invokes stored procedure calls using erlvolt. I thought that using examples/voltkv would be such a quick VoltDB setup, but my app is refused access to voltkv -- since VoltDB closes the tcp connection as it is described to do when authentication fails. I've tried using ""/"", "admin"/"", "admin"/"voltdb", and a few other usernames/passwords but without getting access to my local VoltDB instance.

Would you say that using examples/voltkv is the best approach for this or is there another easier way?

Solution => erlvolt/example/voter/voterclient.erl

Thank you
Feb 18, 2013

using one of the examples is the quickest way to get voltdb up and running, but, its not at all clear to me why you're running into security issues as the voltkv does not enable security by default. can you post your deployment file, or can you try to run the java client as a baseline and see if that works. For the studio-web or the enterprise manager the default userid is admin and the default password is voltdb.