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Post: VoltDB improvement academic project where to begin..

VoltDB improvement academic project where to begin..
May 15, 2013
Hello Voltdb users,
I'm one of a few students who have Voltdb improvement as their academic project. We now are little bit more familiar with the usage of VoltDB product, but the deal is to dive deep into the code and make few magic tricks happen. I'm just looking for some tips, how to handle this problem.

We want to make an improvement to community edition of voltdb source code taken from a git repo. We need to implement something like cold-storage. To cut to the chase how would you approach the idea of keeping additional column for each table. The column with an index, with a meaning - how old was the last usage of a tuple. We want this to be an indicator used when it's time to dump some data to xml file on HDD. When reading some data, this index would get updated whenever the tuple is needed. When the usage of RAM reaches certain level, procedure of dumping data to cold storage is called, so we can free some ram.


as far as I know, there's no way in community edition to call procedure for adding new column, but we require user to add this column in schema file. More interesting is where we should try to intercept all the data requests so we know when and how update the cold storage index...