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Post: upper and lower case comparisons

upper and lower case comparisons
May 17, 2013
Hi folks,

Have came across the need to use a SQL lowercase function (e.g. LCase or Lower) but notice that volt doesn't seem to support this.

e.g. select * from table where LCase(column) = 'lower case text'

Is this in the pipeline at all?

Also, what would be the best way of getting round this? My thoughts in the short term are to do a full/partial query from volt and then do a filter query in my client application on that one where clause using the client application upper/lower functionality. Any advice from the volt team on this or am I missing something obvious here???

May 17, 2013
Hi RJ,

We've implemented some String column functions, but not LOWER or UPPER. The appropriate ticket is here:

How's about creating an additional column that has a copy of the string, stored in lower case? Then you could query on that column. The extra column would add some additional memory storage requirements...

May 17, 2013
Hi John,

Thanks for the quick response. That's great that there's a ticket for it. I was thinking about the "extra column scenario but was thinking that it might cause too much memory overhead with the db schema that i'm porting over. Need to mull this one over methinks. keep up the great work :o)

All the best