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Post: TPCC benchmark

TPCC benchmark
May 22, 2013
I would like to run TPCC benchmark on my local PC :)
I've done the following:
1.Install VMWare player.
2.Downloaded VoltDB for VMWare and run it.

What are my next steps?
I saw several links on GitHub that have implementations of TPCC but I don't know which one I have to run.
Can someone guide me through this?

May 28, 2013
Jun 13, 2013
Hello :)
I have read everything on this link
but I'm stuck on step 2.
I suppose that step 1:
1. Setup password-less SSH
- On each machine you plan to run the benchmark on, you need to add your account's public key to the file \~/.ssh/authorized_keys and/or \~/.ssh/authorized_keys2. The name of the file you need to add depends on the ssh version you're using, but to be safe, you can add the key to both. You may also need to change permissions on these files using "chmod 600 authorized_keys".
- Check that you can ssh to the machines without a password.
- If the machines use a shared home directory, you probably only need to add/change these files in one place.

I don't have to do because I will run TPC-C only on my local PC.

So, on step 2:

2. Build/install VoltDB for benchmarking
- To execute our benchmarking infrastructure, you need to build VoltDB from source using the "voltbin" ant target.
- Get a current copy of VoltDB source using "svn checkout"
- In the root directory of VoltDB source ("cd trunk" if you just checked out source), execute "ant voltbin" to create "obj/release/voltbin" with the required components.
- In your home folder on all machines you plan to run the benchmark on (server or clients) as well as the machine you are initiating the benchmark from, create a folder named "voltbin" and copy all the files from obj/release/voltbin

I have to build VoltDB from source. Isn't VoltDB build from source in VMWare version that i downloaded from VoltDB pages?
I've tried to download Linux version of VoltDB and I don't see any trunk directory.
I don't know where I suppose to run "ant voltbin" command.

Can someone help me please.