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Post: Target "voltbin" does not exist in the project "VoltDB".

Target "voltbin" does not exist in the project "VoltDB".
Jun 15, 2013
I would like to run tpcc benchmark on my local PC.
I followed instructions from this link:

and I stuck on 2. step:

2. Build/install VoltDB for benchmarking
- To execute our benchmarking infrastructure, you need to build VoltDB from source using the "voltbin" ant target.
- Get a current copy of VoltDB source using "svn checkout"
- In the root directory of VoltDB source ("cd trunk" if you just checked out source), execute "ant voltbin" to create "obj/release/voltbin" with the required components.
- In your home folder on all machines you plan to run the benchmark on (server or clients) as well as the machine you are initiating the benchmark from, create a folder named "voltbin" and copy all the files from obj/release/voltbin

I have downloaded and installed VoltDB from source like they said on this link:

last commands I used were:
cd voltdb

The next step would be to execute "ant voltbin" command, right? But when I enter "ant voltbin" command I get this error:

Target "voltbin" does not exist in the project "VoltDB".

Where is the problem? Can someone please help me?