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How to start voltdb
Jul 10, 2013
Hello Everyone,

I am reading and following step which they given.

I completed running the HelloWorld Application successfully.

Here i have one question.

when i run following command

$ voltdb create catalog helloworld.jar deployment deployment.xml host localhost

it connected . than i opened new terminal and executed Java client it gave me output also.

when i close voltdb server terminal,and again i executed java client it gave me error saying that Connection refused.

how to start voltdb server without creating catalog and what is the command to start the server.
Jul 13, 2013

When you are following the examples and tutorials, usually VoltDB is started simply like with the command you posted above, right in the terminal window. So when you close that window, it shuts down the database. You can start the server in the same way, but in the background using nohup. I have an example of it here ( The Enterprise edition has VoltDB Enterprise Manager, which can be started with a '-b' option to run in the background. Then you would connect to the web interface to configure a database, upload the catalog, add servers, and start the cluster.

VoltDB always starts with a catalog. All DDL is put in a SQL file that is compiled into the catalog, rather than being run interactively.

The hello world example in Getting Started focuses on a java client, and doesn't go through all of these concepts in as much depth as the tutorial. You may find the tutorial is helpful to go through as well in order to get a better hands-on experience building a new database from scratch.
Jul 15, 2013
Thank you bballard.